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About SunpathCloud


Sunpath Servers is a New York City based web development and hosting company. Our SunpathCloud website offers managed and self-managed cloud hosting plans for small-business owners, web developers and independent users. Sunpath’s managed cloud servers are deployed on AWS Lightsail and Vultr cloud networks, both of which deliver superior quality, connectvity and reliability.

Managed Cloud Plans

Our managed cloud plans are designed specifically for WordPress and the WooCommerce platform. Servers are optimized with LiteSpeed Web Server and LS Cache technologies for maximum performance. Management includes initial server setup, software installation and initial configuration – or website migration, security configuration, optimization and testing. Additionally, we monitor the server’s health on a continuous basis, apply software updates and security patches, and maintain daily backups.

Self-Managed Plans

Our self-managed plans are designed for web developers and independent users.

Dedicated Servers

We recommend bare metal hybrid or fully dedicated servers for medium to large size businesses because they offer substantially lower operating costs when compared to cloud servers. Large sites with large amounts of traffic require dedicated resources and larger amounts of storage. A dedicated server’s cost can be 6 to 12 x lower than a cloud server with similar CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. We offer a variety of dedicated servers at very competitive prices and they can be customized to meet OS, RAM, Storage, RAID, and IP needs; all come with 150 TB of monthly data transfer and free DDoS protection included.

Semi Dedicated Hosting

Sunpath’s semi-dedicated hosting model limits the number of tenants to twice the number of CPU cores on a high-performance bare metal dedicated server. As such, “semi-dedicated” means a stable and reliable version of shared hosting; a high-performance server, for this purpose, is defined as a bare metal server with dual Intel Xeon processors, with 6 or more cores and generous amounts of RAM (32 GB +). For the average small-business owner, a semi-dedicated plan will deliver performance and value that is superior to Cloud VPS.